One of the biggest aims that we have as a group is to be able to change people's lives and throughout the time that we have been up and running, that has happened on more than one occasion. Something so big as making an impact on somebodies life, is something that we feel we should share, should it be ok with the individual. So we are going to use this part of our website to do just that.

I am a Trafford Foster Carer with a friend and neighbour who is a member of Trafford Veterans , who has kindly taken my young lady to the craft club each week . I have been very fortunate to have my teenager experience the many crafts she has been taught , the calm atmosphere and the kindness and friendship of all who attend . This has helped tremendously with her concentration , patience and most importantly her self esteem and belief in herself that she can achieve . She looks forward to every session and comes home feeling very proud . 

Yours Sincerely  , 

 Leigh C Stainton .