Trafford Veterans Peer Support

Trafford Veterans have been operating a number of peer support activities in the Trafford borough of Greater Manchester since 2015.

"Peer support occurs when people provide knowledge, experience, emotional, social or practical help to each other. It can take place in a number of forms such as peer mentoring, listening, or counseling.”

Trafford Veterans peer support activities are delivered to the Armed Forces and Emergency Services Community by a core team of volunteers that have either served  or are related to someone who has served in one of the branches of H.M. Armed Forces or of the emergency services.

The reason we offer peer support groups and services, is because we know all to well through personal experience how important it is to be supported by peers and how important it is to be understood when going through such a challenging time.


When transitioning back in to civilian life, veterans can be faced with many different challenges throughout the adjustment process and we as a group feel it is important that they have somewhere they can go to feel safe and understood.

Trafford Veterans believe that a good Peer support Programme can be very effective and can be beneficial for veterans and their families when they are also gaining access to other services. We always receive great feedback about the services that we offer and are always open to ideas for other ways we can help veterans and their families through peer support activities and groups.